An ongoing series exploring various forms of labor.
Taking on self directed tasks in parks,
grocery stores, and other public spaces
with the intention to not play the appointed role

that particular setting dictated.

Instead, my objective was to perform benevolent labor as determined
by my own best judgement.

In the grocery store I faced shelves,
cleaned aisles and helped customers.
In the second phase
I grappled with unemployment, the resounding social isolation
and depreciation of persona.
I looked for work in uncommon or irrelevant spaces,
          loitering in fields, transforming myself into trite, immaterial, labor.

         Lunch Break: The work is in the work, the lunch is in the labor. Eat it all. how do you start? Don’t put it in the microwave, melt it with your legs, your lungs, your friction. 

In the grocery stor