Birgit Larson

dissect, mend, normalize
and reallocate behavior.


Birgit’s background in painting and drawing taught her to marvel at how our eyes deconstruct and reconstruct the world, becoming a model for future methodology. Birgit investigates the rules she (we) live by, dissecting, mending, normalizing and reallocating behavior. Her performative work designs or enhances guidelines in her own life, creating a long form performance that becomes a part of her daily life and identity. 

Inspired by productivity culture, neuroscience and the mundane she hopes to offer new methodologies to the world around her. She is most recently developing a productivity method where personalized emotions are used within the framework of a perfect, repeated day. 

She has performed for Performance Mix Festival with the New Dance Alliance (NYC) and Glasshouse Art Life Lab (NY). She has held residencies at Camac (FR) and Arteles (FI). As a founding member of the Hudson Valley Movement Collective she has been in residence at Mount Tremper Arts, NY and the Arts Society of Kingston, NY.  She holds a BFA from Indiana University Bloomington in Painting and Drawing and an MFA from TransArt University/Plymouth University in the UK. She has lived in Beacon, NY since 2014.