Birgit Larson

Beacon, NY

I like to play with rules: I construct physical, emotional or habitual constraints based on observations         about what is going on in my life at the time. They often have something to do with how I think I should be acting in a certain situation. I start in the “negative” spaces of awkwardness, anxiety and indecision. Then I step back, ask myself why and develop my practice from there.

Birgit’s background in painting and drawing taught her early on to marvel at how our eyes deconstruct and reconstruct the world, a tool that would be used in future work. In 2010 her work moved away from painting, introducing themes of repetition, labor and anxiety and experimenting with sculpture and performance. She uses repetition to acknowledge and investigate the rules she lives by and labor to construct or deconstruct meaning in these rules. Drawing from her own relationship with anxiety she began to recognize the universality of the topic; to be consumed by it in order to find its power and limits. Using her personal experiences, her current performative work designs or enhances guidelines in her own life, creating a long form performance that becomes a part of her daily life. She often utilizes negative space through body and voice in her live performances. She has resided in Beacon, NY since 2014, receiving her MFA in Creative Practice from TransArt Institute in 2017 and BFA in Painting and Drawing from Indiana University Bloomington in 2008. She has exhibited nationally and internationally.

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